Fantastic maps for TB

I’ve followed Monkeyblood Design for a long time, and there’s always good stuff coming out of there, but there are some specific maps from there which feel like they were made for Torchbearer.

MonkeyBlood Design Image Gallery

Hard to link directly to these, but check out Descent Into Black Lord Horth’s Reliquary (fifth row, far right). A plunging deep cavern with a spiraling ledge, numerous small lairs, a deep shaft, a crypt… this place is a Dungeoneer’s nightmare and a Torchbearer GM’s wet dream. :rolleyes:

These things are only approved for personal use, of course, but I’m certainly going to prep a couple of them for use with my TB group.

These are amazing! Definitely going to build some games around a few of these.

I am mostly, completely sure that it was Thor who mentioned Dyson’s Delves:

There are a bunch of PDFs for free, and he also sells a couple books of maps.

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Yeah, Dyson’s maps are awesome! Really, there are so many good maps out there that it’s not about finding them but about choosing between them these days. Gotta love the DIY scene! :smiley: