Fantasy Grounds Character Sheet

A question for the developers:

Would you allow a charcter sheet to be designed and distributed (free) for Fantasy Grounds?

Sure. We’re not developers, btw. This isn’t Microsoft.


Writers, developers… :wink:

@Luke - The character sheet for Fantasy Grounds 2 is almost done. At the moment I’m introducing three new RPers to the hobby through MG on Fantasy Grounds 2 software and they’ve taken to the game like ducks to water. :cool: One of my players is helping reskin some of the frames, etc. to make it a bit more mouse guard like. If you have any graphics you’d like to include, feel free to send them to me and we’ll incorporate them in to the online character sheet. Otherwise, the distribution copy won’t contain any proprietary art, though my personal version actually has the MG wallpaper as a background - if you look carefully at the screenshot below you can see a bit of it between the two frames.

The emphasis with the ruleset is just on playability; it doesn’t contain a lot of automation or scripts since what I want with my virtual tabletop experience is essentially the same thing I get with my face-to-face games, only with people from around the world. I also don’t have the time or skill to really fool too much with scripting: My days of programming ended more than a decade ago.

Once the ruleset is completely done I will send you a copy to put up in the MG download section.

Would you mind if we include the character sheet’s quick reference material in the ruleset (e.g., the conflict mechanics summary) for ease of reference? Everything like that would likely be included as a .jpg so it would appear exactly as you have produced and wouldn’t be any more distributable (in fact less) than someone with the character sheet.

Here’s a screenshot of the first page which is still a bit of a work in progress:

MJ Harnish
(who also isn’t much of a software guy ;)).