Farscape hack for Mouse Guard RPG ?

Hello, all ! I would like to know how to go about hacking Farscape for the Mouse Guard RPG ? Farscape is a much more interesting sci-fi/fantasy, space opera setting to me than say…Star Trek, Star Wars, Firefly, or Battlestar G… so if someone could help me out, I would greatly appreciate it.

Oh man FARSCAPE! That would be a terrific hack.

So I’d start with your fundamental premise and work from there. Will everyone be escaped prisoners, or are you looking at doing something more broadly based in the Farscape universe? Let’s start with that and go from there.


If you are squeamish at that, you could play like really early PK stuff as revealed in Peacekeeper Wars.

Peacekeepers is a very solid premise. I’d totally play that, and have a Peacekeeper nature along the lines of “for being thuggish, for oppressing someone, for maintaining/enforcing/protecting racial purity, for following orders” and so on.

I just got the Complete Series DVD for my birthday, I loved rewatching every episode, I looked into the RPG already available and the D20 system doesn’t sit well with me for this setting.

The setting seems almost made for the Natue rules too: look at Zann she has to harness her violent inner nature to overcome certain enemies while making sure not to sink too far and stray from her priestly path.

To really start working with this hack, like everyone else has said you need a basic premise, Prisoners? Peace Keepers? Scarrans? or just a hodge podge of exile living in the Uncharted Territories? Once you know the kind of game you want then you can build what kind of Conflicts, Enemies etc they can encounter