Fatigue... Whatsit?

Fatigue is mentioned a couple of times in the book, usually in connection with Health. For the life of me, though, I haven’t been able to find where it’s explained. How do I use Fatigue?

Fatigue is not it’s own system or anything like that. When a player comes up with a task and intent where exhaustion is a valid risk then the GM can call for a roll.

Say I want to track the sandworm to his desert lair under the mid day sun. It may be a linked test tracking test and health test to get there and not be exhausted. It’s not for every time someone does anything that may exhaust them. The GM can Say Yes when it’s not interesting. If a journey is perilous then this can give it mechanical weight.

Exhaustion situations are more defined in Mouse Guard. Check out the Seasons chapter and look at the circumstances in which the GM can ask for a test to avoid being hungry, thirsty or tired.

If this were a movie, would it make sense for you to show the consequences of an intense and long journey for example?

You’re attacking a guard, and the fight go nasty and lasts too long. Finally, you kill him sticking a knife in his chest. You are on your knees over the body and two more guards enter in the room. You say: “I take the sword from the floor, I get up and attack them.” Well, are you sure? After this intense fight? Make a Forte test (dice equal your character Forte versus a Ob equal the Forte exponent). If you fail, you suffer a penalty equal the margin of failure for all physical actions for the entire scene (even this new fight, if you still want to fight).

Cool, makes sense to me… Just a little surprised that it isn’t mentioned elsewhere in the book. Thanks!

I don’t think the Ob would always necessarily be your own Forte. I think the Ob would be whatever it should be according to the guidelines in the first part of the book.

There are a lot of other situations with different Skills and Stats and Attributes you can use to represent a lot of different things. You must be creative.

Mine was just an example that came to my mind, not necessarily the best way to handle it. :slight_smile: