Fearless Trait and Situational Steel Tests

Would you consider a reduced Ob in situational Steel tests for Fearless characters or would you limit the effect of this trait to reducing Hesitation? It’s for witnessing blood gore and violence

The way I have always run it, whether it’s a trait like Fearless or Thousand-Yard Stare, is that the Ob does not change only Hesitation is reduced. Violence and gore does not become easier to witness or less horrific, it’s only your character specifically has become numb to it.

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RAW I believe these are one and the same, pg.365 BWGR, ‘Test Steel against hesitation’. So a reduction in hesitation is a reduction in Ob.

Though I quite like this, mechanically as though the trait is giving a free success, so the player with the trait still gets the harder test towards advancement. On the other hand using the RAW rules means the character doesn’t advance their general steel as quickly when facing things they are already numb to.

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“Reduce hesitation […] by three.” BWGR Pg 326.

The trait doesn’t touch anything but Hesitation; it doesn’t touch situational tests. It reduces the Ob of tests made in play against fear (for instance), but only indirectly – because it reduces your hesitation.


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