Few questions about Direct Fire and Observe

Hello. I`ve got a little question about few actions in Firefight.

  1. I can take Direct Fire action, when target was successfull observed in prievous volley by my unit. But how many times can i declare Direct Fire in next volleys? In another threadon this forum i found example of battle, when one of players chose Observe in the end of volley, and then take Direct Fire, Direct Fire, Direct Fire for whole next exchange. Is that correct? Until that moment i thought, that i can take only one DF action after Observe. Uh, maybe i was wrong…

  2. OK - lets examine Observe. When weve got big FF with more than one unit per side do I have to choose unit, which i want to observe in a moment of choosing actions (before all exchange)? Or maybe I can point out that unit in the moment of revealing my action (on the beginning volley one, two or three)?

  3. What`s wrong with another color of type in Unit Action Matrix on page 494? Look at Observe/Observe and Supp. Fire/Supp. Fire - brown I. I think, that is a printcolor-mistake, but maybe… :wink:

Thanks for answers :slight_smile:

Hi Deckard,

  1. Once you Observed a unit, they remain Observed until they successfully Withdraw. Withdrawing breaks the sight lines. So there’s no need to use the Observe action again prior to using a Direct Fire. However, the Observe action is still a handy blocking action against Advances, Flanks and Withdraws, so don’t forget about it once you’ve successfully observed.

  2. Right before you roll your Observe, you declare which unit you are attempting to Observe. In other words, the latter of the two options you presented.

  3. I think that’s a printing error. I don’t see anything in my copy.