few questions: character burning, relationships and scenes in maneuvers


I am new and my English is poor, so I’m sorry.
I have few questions about character burning.

  1. I have six players. Three of them are Figure of Note, and rest are supported characters.
    Players choose their free relationship as complicated relationship with Vaylen Figures of Note. They not choose any other complicated relationships with other side. My question is: If all Figures of Note are occupied by players, can they take free relationships with other side FoNs?
    All of they wants a free complicated relationship with one of the Vaylen Figures of Note. And they use paragraph “Player Characters Are Not Relationships” from 118 page to have free relationships with any other player character.

  2. Can I as GM burn some non FoN characters and add then relationships with players characters? I want to complicate life of player characters. When can I use these persons if I can do this?

And the last:
3. I have six players. That means: 1 x conflict, 5 x building and 6 color and interstitial scenes for players. And I as GM have 1 x conflict, 2 x building and 3 color and interstitial scenes. Is that correct?
In this case I think, I will be in trouble as GM.

Maybe I miss something, or I don’t understand some parts of the handbook.
Please help.


Everone gets one free relationship. Page 116 says it can be an enemy FoN. You’re required to have a relationship with the other side, and with a FoN… so if you are not having any others, that would meet the requirements on page 116. And it is explicitly allowed by page 116.

If, however, you’re going to have a friendly relationship and an enemy FoN, you’re better off using the freebie for the 2 point friend instead of the 1 point enemy…

  1. Yes, you can use your free relationship with an opposing FoN. You can’t use your free relationship with a PC. PCs are not relationships. PCs are PCs and all PCs are assumed to know one another in some fashion to start.

  2. Yes, you can. You can bring them in as a result of failed Circles tests. Or just set them up as new twists. Make sure that they don’t obscure the FoNs, though. The players will have Beliefs about the FoNs, so they’ll care about them more.

  3. You are correct, but you’re not in trouble.

Also, Sebastian, if you need to ask your questions in Polish, we can answer them in Polish.