Fey Blood and others

Let me see if I get ir right.

If I buy “Fey Blood” trait (pg 326, Dt, 4 pts) can I choose the trait Greed or Grief?

If the answer is “yes”, can I choose “Hatred” ? I don’t see it on the trait list. Or I must buy Void Embrace (pg 353, Dt, 4 pts)?

Yeah, I think Void Embrace is the thing that grants you the Hatred emotional attribute.

See: http://www.burningwheel.org/forum/showthread.php?11105-What-s-Changed&p=112787#post112787

Nope. In BWG, Loathsome and Twisted grants access to Hatred (top of p.237), as well as all the other fun stuff as described.

Void Embrace is a whole other kettle of mad fish.

Also, a subtlety to the monster burning of the character stocks: it is possible to Fey Blood yourself a half-Elf, or a half-Dwarf. You’re human, but with access to Grief or Greed. However, an orc can only ever be an orc, even on the human lifepaths: Loathsome and Twisted doesn’t just give you Hatred, it’s what makes you into an orc.

Thanks for your answers.

As well it should be. Being an orc is terrible. Always. There is no respite.

I love it.