Fictional characters as Torchbearer 2e characters

Inspired by the Skillmonkey Theurge thread, and just to see if I could do it, I made John Constantine as a Theurge (yes, he’s a self-described “magician” but he’s so clearly dealing with Immortals and demons and burden and all that). Fun exercise. He’s got all the social graces, which makes sense (Bustling Metropolis hometown) and he’s Touched by the Gods x2, Jaded and a Loner.

Will 5
Health 3

Criminal 3
Fighter 3
Orator 3
Ritualist 3
Haggler 2
Healer 2
Manipulator 2
Persuader 2
Theologian 2

Touched by the Gods x2


Weapon and armor: Dagger, leather armor

Nature 4 (Boasting, Demanding, Running)
° Quietly prepare
° Demand your rights
° Do not fear

Circles 4
Friend: Chas
Orphan (basically): Keepsake is mother’s ring around neck
Mentor: Nick Necro (Theurge)
Enemy: Nergal (demon)

Belief: There aren’t any good guys, and there aren’t any bad guys. There’s just us. People. Doing our best to get by.
Instinct: When you’re in a bind, lie your way out of it.

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He’s not a L1 characters. You should test out the Advance & Vanquish rules for him.

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I think I might make him a shaman. Cool though!


Valgard the Changeling Warrior

Health 4
Will 4
Nature 6 - Tricking , Boasting and Breaking
Circles 1
Enemy: Skafloc the Ranger

Huldrekall 1
Heart of Battle 1
Rough Hands 1
Loner 1

Fighter 4
Hunter 3
Commander 2
Mentor 2
Rider 3
Survivalist 3
Carpenter 2
Orator 2


Weapon and armour:
Battle Axe
Leather Armour

Belief: I do not belong with any society, they will all eventually burn.
Instinct: Always bark orders when battle approaches.

Cool. I’m not familiar with that character. Is it Valgard from Banner Saga or what story?

How do you see your belief being actionable in a dungeon? What is it that you are risking your life as an adventurer to do as you stand outside of society?

Valgard (and Skafloc) are from Poul Anderson’s The Broken Sword, which is perhaps the quintessential Middarmark novel. Skafloc is the son of Orm the Strong, but an Elf lord switches him at birth for the troll changeling, Valgard. Skafloc is raised among the elves.


Ah yes, it has been a while since I’ve read that one, but it makes me wonder: How would you do the nature descriptors of Skafloc?

Maybe he picks up singing from the alfar: Singing, Sailing, Boasting

I don’t think it says how old he is other than he “grew up,” but maybe he is 6th level by the end?

Maybe his wises are:

  • Hidden trail-wise
  • Alfar-wise
  • Raiding-wise

I don’t think I would personally change Skafloc’s Nature, but I might make Orator one of the skills offered by Elfheugh. There’s a version of Tyrfing already in the Middarmark Gazetteer (which, like The Broken Sword, is based on the legends of the Tyrfing Cycle in the Poetic Edda and Herverar Saga).

I suspect Tyrfing was a big inspiration for Stormbringer.


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