Fight and Positioning advantage

So after positioning has been done and you figure out the disadvantages and advantages do the dice given for advantage count toward a test? like if I have a B4 knife skill and get +2D advantage do the two dice add to the test for my Knife skill? I assume it just I’m making sure.

The way I understand it, you only get an Advantage when you’re rolling to Vie for Position. Once the positioning roll is made, you only need concern yourself with the disadvantage to your opponent from the vying roll. I referenced p. 436-437 and 431 in the BWG book.

Ok that makes sense thank you very much

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Also, keep in mind that there are differences between the initial Engage test and subsequent Vie for Position tests. Engage tests Speed plus advantages for Stride and WL, while Vie for Position tests Speed plus Stride plus your Position advantage dice (the dice you were asking about). The position advantage dice don’t carry forward into the subsequent exchange.

This makes sense if you think about it. Before the fight starts the longer weapon has the advantage, but after that advantage depends on the relative position of the combatants.


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