Fight! Disarm an unskilled opponent

Hey folks,
I have a quick question about Fight! There are a few actions that are handled with standard tests against Ob=skill or Ob=1/2 skill. What is my obstacle when my opponent doesn’t have a fitting weapon skill? The pages 439 and 440 don’t specify on this.
I know that he is in a bad spot anyway…

Thanks for helping!

No skill? Then maybe 1. That’d be the lowest possible obstacle for the test.

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Cool, thanks!
That’s how I handled it. :slight_smile: The other idea was Ob=1/4 root stat but that’s kind of awkward. With characters that are green enough to never needed to learn to fight it often times comes down to Ob1 anyway.
Edit: Hm, that being said. With the standard Ob rule on p.439 for half stat/skill: “round up” a root stat of B5 would be enough for a resulting Ob2. That would represent that a characters stat has an influence even though he is unskilled. But I see that being pretty niche.