Fight! position advantage vs. disadvantage

  1. The first exchange, the Engagement test loser has an Ob penalty; in subsequent exchanges (after vying for position) there’s no Ob penalty, but instead the winner has an advantage. Right?

  2. Siggar is engaged with a Tyrant at close quarters; the Tyrant won the Engagement, and Siggar’s at +2 Ob. On the second exchange, Siggar’s friend Corn Engages the tyrant (hoping to use magic from a distance). Assuming that Corn wins, the Tyrant is second, and Siggar third, does this mean that the Tyrant is at an Ob penalty for all its actions, or just if it attacks Corn?

  1. No. Whoever loses the Engagement test or subsequent Vie for Position tests suffers an Obstacle penalty to all non-Defense actions. Certain actions, like Beat, can change who has the advantage though. The winner of the Engagement or Vie for Position test does not get an advantage during the exchange. Instead, whoever holds the advantage at the end of an exchange gets advantage dice during the Vie for Position test.

2.The Tyrant only suffers a penalty to non-defense actions used against Corn. Siggar suffers the penalty for non-defense actions used against Tyrant.

  1. Ohhhh… that flew by me. So the advantage dice are only for the Vie roll itself, while the Ob penalties are to other actions - got it. That makes more sense.

  2. Great, thanks.