Fight! : Pushing a person off a cliff.

So, my podunk peasant conscript has gotten himself into a Fight! with a very pissed off knight. She’s managed to bring platemail against my reinforced leather. We’re on top of the castle walls, doing battle for the fate of the Duchy. I’ve got some VA if I need it, but would really prefer to just let gravity do the work for me. What actions do I take to push her off the battlements? What tests should be called for to accomplish it?

In Fight!, there is a Push action that should resolve this nicely. It tests Power, or your Boxing/Martial Arts/Brawling skill if you have it.

If you’re really going to do this in a Fight, your greatest difficulty will be closing the gap. She’s going to be better than you at engaging and maintaining position.
So you’re going to have to get lucky with a Charge action. If you’re successful, a Push with a MOS of two should do the trick if the GM is on your side. :slight_smile:

If you’ve been holding onto Artha, the moment has come to burn it up!

Have you seen the For Honor videogame play vids? Pushing people off ledges seems to be the winning strategy every time!

Thanks ya’ll. Ended up deciding against risking the attempt on the first exchange, but my GM was apparently so convinced it was going to happen that he tried to script around it. That decision did not end well for the knight. So I accidentally mind-gamesed myself into a win. :smiley:

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