Fight! question about the Beat action


I ran the sword last night to finally try the Gold edition. During the Fight!, my friend and I were engaged with weapons of the same length (swords) and I scripted a Beat action to try and give him a +1Ob. Later on, I realized that the game text suggested that you should script it either to gain advantage or if you already have, then you could give the penalty to your opponent.

My question is : What about when you fight with weapons of the same length ? Is it ok to script Beat in that case ?

The text doesn’t say. But, my personal rule would be that you both have the advantage if you have equal weapon lengths. So, go ahead with Beat.

The reason behind my opinion is that Beat is cool; all things being equal, its use should be encouraged rather than discouraged.

How about this: If using weapons of similar length, the a successful Beat action effectively reduces your opponent’s weapon length by one category, giving you the advantage until you cede it.

@Noclue : Yeah, that was my train of thought. I wanted to see more Beat than I did with Revised.

@Luke : That’s an interesting option. :slight_smile: I’ll try to remember it in play ! (and point my players to this thread if they accuse me of “cheating”/making stuff up :stuck_out_tongue: )

It’s the same as giving someone a +1 Ob penalty, but it provides a reason and a condition for ending the penalty.

And I guess that it is then possible to rescript another Beat later on to either get the +1D or give the +1Ob for next action ?


Cool ! Thanks a lot !

I might be trying a few more “Beat, Disarm” combo scripts with this idea, even if you only give the +1Ob on the opponent for one action the bonus for the disarm would be sought after. Great for a bonus to that high-Ob manoeuvre.

I actually like the idea of always having a 1D/+1 Ob advantage up for grabs, whatever the weapon lengths. Vying for advantage is so interesting, and yet same-length weapons are so common.

The Beat action is supposed to serve this purpose, Michael.