Fight tables

There are three tables:

[li]Weapon Length (page 430), for looking up advantage dice to engage when fighters have different length weapons.
[li]“This weapon has advantage vs. Opponent’s disadvantage” (page 431), for noting the obstacle penalties when at disadvantage after being engaged.
[li]Positioning Advantage (page 436), for looking up advantage dice when vying for position when fighters have different length weapons.
Page 437: After determining a winner and loser, consult the Positioning table to determine the effects for this upcoming exchange.

Is this referring to the Positioning Advantage table or the “vs. Opponent’s disadvantage” table?

Should the Positioning Advantage table instead say “Your Weapon” on the side instead of “This weapon has advantage”?

Vs. Opponents disadvantage table.

For The second question, I don’t think it makes a difference which wording you use.

Both fighters are rolling using that table, right? Even the fighter at disadvantage is going to get +0-2D advantage dice for comparing their weapon vs. their opponents when positioning.

No, only one will have a Positioning Advantage from their weapon, and it’s the guy who held advantage at the end of the last exchange. Make sense?

So if you’re at disadvantage and are vying for position, you don’t use the table at all, you just roll Speed + advantage from stride? Only the player with advantage gets bonus dice from this table?

Maybe I’m not actually answering your question, I do that sometime. Note that two different things are happening with position. He who has advantage during the exchange will be forcing his opponent into an Ob increase for his actions during the exchange ( with the exceptions noted at the bottom of p.431. That Ob disadvantage is found from the table on 431.

At the beginning of each exchange the person with advantage will also get a bonus to his Vie for Position test that hes about to make, and that advantage is found from the table on 436.

Did I make it worse or am I getting there?

Yep. And just to be clear, it’s the table from 436 that you’re using for this.

Wow, I’ve been doing it wrong all along, giving bonus dice to both opponents. Thanks for clearing that up.