Fighting Art: Bloodthirst of the Black Destroyer

…and here’s one more, just for fun.


Great Orcs thirst for blood and destruction. They strip off their armor and beg for injury, because the scent of their own wounds only heightens their prowess in battle.

Exponent Forms Actions
2 Spears Strike, Counterstrike, Avoid, Lock, Beat, and Push
3 Hammers
4 Axes, Swords
Techniques Instruction Ob Mastery Ob Practical Ob
Charge Instruction Ob 1 Power Ob 2 BotBD Ob 1
Relentless Instruction Ob 3 Will Ob 4 BotBD Ob 2
Great Strike Instruction Ob 2 Agility Ob 3 BotBD Ob 2
Bloodthirster Instruction Ob 2 Steel Ob 5 BotBD Ob 4
No Fear Instruction Ob 3 Agility Ob 4 BotBD Ob 3
Counterstrike Instruction Ob 2 Agility Ob 3 BotBD Ob 2
Cleave Instruction Ob 4 Speed Ob 5 BotBD Ob 5
Berserker Instruction Ob 5 Agility Ob 7 BotBD Ob 6
Indomitable Instruction Ob 6 Forte Ob 6 BotBD Ob 7
  • Relentless: Your Bloodthirst of the Black Destroyer skill and Steel stat do not suffer penalties from wound dice.
  • Bloodthirster: Receive +1D of advantage to your next Steel test per wound die inflicted in Fight!. Mortal Wounds grant +5D. This count resets between Steel tests.
  • No Fear: You can no longer use Defensive Stance, but Aggressive Stance provides no penalty to defensive actions.
  • Cleave: Avoid counts as the first action of Great Strike.
  • Berserker: For every die lost to injury, your Bloodthirst of the Black Destroyer skill receives +1D of advantage.
  • Indomitable: You cannot be knocked over in Fight!. You cannot lose actions due to losing Strike to Block. You may no longer make use of the ‘Oh Shit’ rule.

Oh man the impetus behind this is great!

You’ve got 2 Counterstrikes there, and although I’d say you should move it out the automatics, that’d mess with No Fear as it only benefits Counterstrike.

Cleave works oddly with No Fear as you’re rewarded for being in Aggressive Stance, but Aggressive Stance is ended by Avoiding, IIRC.

Bloodthirster is in the table twice, perhaps replacing Berserker.

The final Technique is, perhaps, a touch too strong as it is an auto-win.

I think my version would move Relentless later, as its strong, make Cleave work with Aggressive Stance not Avoid, and make Indomitable +2 Ob to anything that might knock you over (whilst keeping the Vs Block thing). I’d also change several of the Agility tests to Will or Power to try and emphasise different type of physicality. But those changes are all personal taste, I think, as I like this as written.


This is what I get for deciding to upload these at 4am…I made some last minute revisions, so I’ll go ahead and fix some of the errors in the table (I blame the wonky formatting on the forums!)

I didn’t put much thought into the Mastery obstacles–they seemed least important for my purposes here, especially while things were being shifted around. I do think you’re right about Indomitable; I’ll need to think about what makes the most sense in terms of Fight!'s nitty-gritty mechanics. Tying it to a roll will be better than simply always-active generally.

Armor has always frustrated me in BW, so I’m trying to design Fighting Arts around its absence. I suspect their use is mostly suicidal, even with such powerful Techniques. We’ll have to see what they’re like when my group goes back to a medieval setting (which we’re poised to do in the coming weeks).

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