Fighting Art: Nightwork


Initiate, if you are to spill the blood of Man you must first fear his strength. Should you meet your mark blade-to-blade, you have already failed the Society, and the Society shall forget your name.
Go. Into the dark and the wet, little one, and come back only when your pelt is red.
Exponent Form Skill Actions
2 Knife Strike, Great Strike, Avoid, Lock
3 Unarmed, Firebombs
4 Garrote
Techniques Training Obstacles
Throw Weapon Instruction Ob 1 Agility Ob 3 Nightwork Ob 1
Leverage Instruction Ob 2 Speed Ob 4 Nightwork Ob 2
Mercy Blow Instruction Ob 2 Anatomy Ob 3 Nightwork Ob 3
Black Dart Instruction Ob 3 Sleight of Hand
Ob 3
Nightwork Ob 3
The Mischief
of Society
Instruction Ob 3 Tactics Ob 2 Nightwork Ob 4
The Law of Commission Instruction Ob 4 The Society-wise Ob 3 Nightwork Ob 4
Hamelinian Cant Instruction Ob 5 Musical Instrument (Pipes) Ob 3

Mercy Blow: Great-Strike grants +2 pow or VA against a prone or locked enemy.

Leverage: Grants the Tackle action (but not Charge), which tests Nightwork instead of Power. MoS remaining after the victim is prone can be spent one-to-one to acquire Lock Dice.

The Mischief of Society: Practitioners of this technique can distract a lone fighter from his most dangerous adversary. When positioning against an outnumbered enemy as per the “Three Against One” rules on BWG page 460, you are treated by the lone enemy as being the “last” of the fighters (third or fourth, depending on your numbers). Every attacker who knows this technique is treated thusly, meaning that four Roden against one human will suffer no weapon length disadvantage among the pack of them.

The Law of Commission: Gain the Single-Minded trait.

Knots of Cerulean Pelt: Grants the Block action, but only with the Garrote. MoS is not spent as a typical Block, however, but instead spent at a ratio of one-to-one to acquire Lock dice on the attacker.

Black Dart: You may draw a one-handed weapon as the first action of the Throw Weapon action.

Agility of the Murderer: Physical actions that test Agility only cost one action.

Hamelinian Cant: You have learned a musical cant, which allows you to negotiate Society contracts through the playing of pipes. Only those who have mastered this technique may understand the hidden meaning of the melodies and harmonies played, or communicate for themselves by the same means. You may link a test of Pipes into Streetwise, Haggling or any other relevant social skill test to disguise the nature of your communication from the uninitiated, as well as to converse across distances or through crowds without being conspicuous.
This technique grants new obstacles to the Pipes (musical instrument) skill: A simple warning or exclamation (scram!, quiet!, stop!, etc.), Ob 1. Giving an address or street directions, Ob 2. Describing a mark, Ob 3. Discussing security, Ob 4. Negotiating a contract, Ob 5. Piping a Duel of Wits, Ob 7 (any penalty / advantage applies only to the BoA test).


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