Fighting Art: Savage Rending

Savage Rending

Great Wolves have a large number of advantages compared to their lesser cousins, but the greatest of them is not their size nor their mystic powers, it is their intelligence. Great Wolves are capable of all the mistakes that dogs are capable of, but they learn quickly, respond quicker, and their co-ordination is enhanced by their deep insights into each others’ nature. This Fighting Style does not represent a strange or esoteric style, it represents the natural capabilities of the Wolf and how best to use them.

The Spirit Hunters may have taught the Elves how to sing, but the Elves have taught some Great Wolves how to bear Riders into battle. As is the Elves’ natural way, they use what was already there, building upon this style: The Bear Rider addition can be bought out of order by a Wolf who fought alongside (or underneath) Elvenkind (or Orcs) and it can be ignored by free Great Wolves who want to sink all their Skill points into this Style.

Exponent Forms Starting Techniques
2 Jaws Strike, Great Strike, Avoid, Charge, Lock, Push
3 Claws
Technique Instruction Ob Phys/Phil Ob Practical Ob
Crushing Bite Instruction Ob 1 Agility Ob 2 SR Ob 2
Lashing Maw Instruction Ob 2 Agility Ob 3 SR Ob 2
Pack Tactics Instruction Ob 2 Pack Hunting Ob 3 SR Ob 2
Tear Flesh Instruction Ob 3 Agility Ob 4 SR Ob 5
Terrifying Instruction Ob 3 Howling Ob 5 SR Ob 2
Deep Fur Instruction Ob 3 Speed Ob 5 SR Ob 6
Bear Rider Instruction Ob 4 Forte Ob 5 SR Ob 4
Swiftness Instruction Ob 4 Speed Ob 5 SR Ob 6
Worrying Bite Instruction Ob 4 Pack Etiquette Ob 4 SR Ob 2
Harry Instruction Ob 5 Pack Hunting Ob 5 SR Ob 5
  • Wolves should be taught using Rearing by their elders instead of Instruction, but I didn’t want to manually replace Instruction when I realized this. I guess “Great Wolf Husbandry” is also a good teaching option.

  • Spirit Hunter wolves cannot Howl and Intimidate simultaneously, no matter the letter of the rules.

  • Crushing Bite: you have learned to hold onto your dinner

    • Unlocks Lock & Strike
  • Lashing Maw: when the prey strikes back, staying close enough to pounce whilst avoiding its antlers can be the difference between hunger and life.

    • Unlocks Counterstrike
  • Pack Tactics: the Wolf should not fight alone; and when facing a dangerous foe it should act in unison to take it down, closing great distances quickly

    • This acts as the Skirmish Training Skill.
  • Tear Flesh: when biting, it is often enough to draw a significant amount of blood. Even the hardiest of prey, once bleeding, will eventually drop.

    • +1 Pow
  • Terrifying: the chase does not start when the prey is sighted, but when it runs. Beware the front end, but only the horse’s kick is of concern, the rear has no antlers. Howl long and loud, and break them.

    • -1 Act Intimidate.
  • Deep Fur: Armour is anathema to any self-respecting Wolf, representing an impediment to good sense, to cunning, and to stealth. Luckily, the wolf’s plush fur can cushion the worst of their foe’s blows.

    • -1 IMS to any attack which hits the Wolf from Missile range or further, so long as the Wolf has not debased itself by wearing any Armour.
  • Bear Rider: Subjugating yourself to a Rider is much the same as submitting to a Dominant, save that the Rider moves less comfortably

    • Rider Training which technically wasn’t listed as an option in the Anthology. Rider Training whatsoever is either folded into this, another technique (which breaks the rules) or its own separate Training skill: in my game it’s the last of these options.
  • Swiftness: When the attack has started, the prey must be made to bleed swiftly. If nothing else, it must be overwhelmed

    • +1 WS with all Style Weapons
  • Worrying Bite: as the wolf lunges, they create an opening for an ally.

    • Allows the Wolf’s Strike and Lock & Strike actions to grant Help to their Dominant or Rider simultaneously.
  • Harry: the prey must be struck in its flanks, the wolves in front must bait an attack, or wait for the prey to turn and then attack themselves. Timing is everything.

    • Breaks the normal rules, allowing the Wolves who outnumber a foe to decide which of them the foe’s action applies against.
    • Specifically, having the Harry technique allows you to “pull” the action of a foe you are engaged with, forcing it to target you.

I’m at Gen Con and have only had a chance to glance through this so far, but at first blush it’s very cool!

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