Fighting in the style of the 1600's

This is a fun short video that attempts to capture the fighting style of the 1600’s


Fun! In M&M terms, the “long messer” is equivalent to the cutlass.

A pistol disarm though, that must be hard to pull off!

I liked the use of the cloak!

How would you use a cloak in M&M?

Welp. In Burning Wheel it’d be a 1D shield requiring a special training to use effectively. In M&M we could make a Cloak & Dagger lifepath skill to increase defense when equipping a cloak wrapped on your off hand. But that’s not quite what happens here. He uses the cloak as distraction to foul his opponent’s sword momentarily so he can disengage.

That’s a nuanced play. I don’t think the current rules adequately address it because they are focused more on skirmish than one-on-one battles. Again, Burning Wheel handles this effortlessly, but folks complain to me that Burning Wheel combat is too complicated. Shrug emoji.

We’re entertaining the idea of implementing and advanced one-on-one dueling system at some point in the future, but it’s low on the priority list. We have more important work to do in laying out the historical timeline for the setting in a digestible format.

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Oh you know what? In M&M, it could also be an Improvise test to escape combat…


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