Fighting Myself?

Our BE game continues apace. It’s been eductional.

I find myself struggling between habitual GM instincts and playing my side a lot. Here are two questions which I am wondering about at the moment.

(1) I want my Forged Lord, Tarrack, to take over the site we call the “Docks” (giant space skyhook elevators.) It’s not something that any player has seized. Supposedly he would fight the predominant military (Mercs, this is a Merchent League) for the site. The military being on high alert since the main refinery was destroyed (by a PC) Obviously it seems unfun to stage a firefight with myself. So, do I give the players control of the Merc side? or do I do it as a builder with oh, command or tactics or something? Or do I do it as a color scene? Are all three legit? Two of the three?

(2) A player recently convinced the Troll laborers (It’s main industry is ore used for starship fuel,so it is mainly a mining colony) to fight on his side when the time came, with a DoW. It just occured to me that I could waltz in and give all the kiddies worms (they have those handy tubes and all.) Again, should I do builders for this? I happen to have (as a Vaylen now, thanks Luke) the former PCFON who was close to the laborers on my side. Or can I do it as color? If I did do builder rolls, what would I use?

  1. Yeah, use a builder (or be evil and just say Yes to yourself and dare your players to stop you).

  2. Oh god yes please. You could totally do that in one horrific building scene. That is freaking GENIUS!

My take on the Troll builder would be: Circle up someone in the Troll camp that will give you access to a large number of them and, assuming you have tools, test Surgery to take them all over. Or maybe test Inconspicuous vs. his Security/Perception/whatever rather than Surgery, since hulling an individual Troll is simple, but hulling hundreds is more problematic?


Don’t the navian tubes let the worm crawl in without a surgery test? If so, you could have a color scene where someone drops off a package at the workers barracks, and then later that night describe thousands of worms crawling out and choosing hosts. Either way, it would be beautiful.