Figures of Notes and Phases.

The book says at least one player must play a Figure of Note. If we want to play all three Phases, does this mean that:

  1. Our side only has one Figure of Note, and it appears on all Phases(assuming it doesn’t die)
  2. The player will need to change a character once the Figure of Note for the new Phase takes over.

I am only at page 68, but the question leaped at me!

You’re forgetting that more than one player can be a figure of note, and that it is not required that a player choose the figure designated as significant to the current phase (at least, I didn’t see text to that effect, but it’s late and the sap is getting to me).

My Hammer Lord is significant to the Invasion phase, but he’s still a Figure of Note in Usurpation, for instance. Of course, if you’re playing the Archcotare of the Mundus faction, who’s significant to the current Usurpation, that’s gravy.

Each side gets a figure of note for each phase.

Each player may be a figure of note, and at least one must be. (IMO, the players are twats if they leave one of their FoNs to the GM).

Each figure of note is featured in only one phase (and makes the disposition roll for their side), but that doesn’t make them absent in the other two - they’re just not featured.

Okay, I have 6-7 potential players + me as a GM. Let’s say that all three Figures of Note are PCs (for the Human side), that leaves 3-4 “normal” PCs and they should have a relationship (IIRC) to one of the Figures of Note. I think this costs 2 points, IIRC again. Then again each PC are supposed to know eachother without spending any points. Confusing, huh?

At the moment I have read only to part of the Character Burner (just prior to human Life Paths), but are there going to be more than 3 Figures of Note per side if I start my campaign from infiltration? Or are they sort of supposed to be featured in different phase of the campaign?

Each side gets three figures of note, period.

The humans get:

  1. 1 Figure of Note during the Infiltration
  2. 1 Figure of Note during the Usurpation
  3. 1 Figure of Note during the Invasion

The vaylen get:

  1. 1 Figure of Note during the Infiltration
  2. 1 Figure of Note during the Usurpation
  3. 1 Figure of Note during the Invasion

If you have more than 3 players, then some of them won’t be Figures of Note. Doesn’t mean they aren’t important. Doesn’t mean to get for Infection maneuvers and whatnot. It just means they won’t make the Figure of Note roll at the beginning of the phase.

If all three of the Figures of Note on your side are PCs, then you will have to buy a relationship with a Figure of Note on the other side.

I warn you though that 6 to 7 players for a BE game is A LOT. I would strongly suggest that you stick to 4-5 players your first time out.

Hey Iki,

note that on page 10 I explicitly state that the game is for two to five players plus GM. Six or seven players plus you probably isn’t going to be a lot of fun.


Are you meant to determine who the FoN for each phase are at the start of play or can you change these around in play (or is it both, depending on what feels best)?

You’re supposed to choose before the start of the campaign so as to ensure equal screen time for the three FoN players.


Yes, I read that. Now I have to wonder why a lot of players makes less fun game (note I have not yet read the book through). Is it just that it takes a lot more time to play that way or something else?


Well, it is simply where BE is more like a traditional game. When you pick up a board or card game, there’s only a certain range of players the game can handle. Same for BE.


I imagine that a limited supply of scenes (esp conflict) and too many players would result in some players not doing a whole lot but throwing in a few helping dice.

OK, thanks for answers.

I believe the unfun will come in the line of fewer scenes per player. Scenes are currency and with that many people your game is going to either drag out, have more down-time than usual or just get overlooked.

Although with a little tweaking I wonder if co-GMs would work out :twisted:

Something I was trying to understand with this is do you have these figures of note and a player can choose to play them? For example in a three player game:

Human Side:
Part 1: Hammer-Lord - NPC
Part 2: Minor Noble - Player
Part 3: Psychologist - Player

Valen Side
Part 1: Priest who has been tempted by the Valen - NPC
Part 2: Surgeon Infected on a Humanitarian mission two years ago - NPC
Part 3: Crime Lord who is unaware of his role - Player

Is this how we would see the Figures of Note Play out? Would it be appropriate that in a four player game, the fourth player might not be any of the characters above?

Everyone comes up with the general idea of figure of notes together, during world burning, and the players decide which figure of note they wish to be.

It’s highly recommended that the players are all on the same side (ie: don’t do a mixed Human/Vaylen player game your first time out).

Not every player has to be a figure of note. All the characters are still discussed in the world burning, and per the rules have a relationship a figure of note (on either side).

EG: One of Agra’s figures of note was Prince Mossadagh, an NPC, and my character was his son. Meanwhile Alexander and Thor were both Figures of Note on the human side, and Chris had a relationship to an enemy Figure of Note.