Find the Missing Girl

This is an simple mission I wrote:

Mission: A pair of mice of Ivydale (p. 176) requests the help of the patrol because they have lost her little daughter in the woods.

Obstacle 1 (Mouse): It is the beginning of the spring and has started a late snowfall. It’s an Ob 5 Scout test to find and follow the trail of the missing girl. She had been frightened by a huge owl who chased her, so she took refuge inside a large fungus.

Obstacle 2 (Animal): On the journey back to Ivydale, the patrol is attacked by the same owl that frightened the girl before, whose goal is to capture and eat her. Fight Conflict, Barred Owl (p. 216).

Twist 1 (Wilderness): In case of failure in the initial Scout test, the patrol is late to find any significant trace in the snow. When they finally get to the fungus, she has already tried to return home alone. They hear screams for help. The patrol finds the girl inside a hole, which it seems was covered by snow, so the little girl didn’t saw it and fell. The patrol should discuss how to get the girl from the hole.

Twist 2 (Weather): In case of failure to rescue the girl, they can get the girl anyway, but set a Climate Twist (unleashes a blizzard) and it’s a Health test to not suffer fatigue (Tired) during their return to Ivydale.

Note: When I played it, the patrol (Saxon and Lieam) fought with a mole, I think, not a owl.

I see.

Nice. Simple and straightforward.