Find Work Factors

The book says:

Find Work Factors (start counting at 2): on the road, in town, in a nearby town”

Why that order? Why is it harder to find a job in a nearby town, but finding a job on the road is easier than finding a job in the town that you’re actually in?

Obviously it’s not a matter of distance. It doesn’t seem to be a matter of “ease of access”. Maybe Adventure phase jobs are better than Town phase jobs, which are better than jobs that require both (to get to the next town)?

I would assume that this is the rules serving the needs of the game (to drive exploration/conflict/adventure) rather than acting as a reality simulator. Plus, all the jobs in-town are already taken.

Finding caravan work is easy. Finding work in town is a bit harder–you don’t just trust any murder hobo to break your rival’s legs. Finally, you need to really trust someone to send them to another town to disappear your competitor.

Good enough for me! Thanks!