Finding online games?

Hi everyone,

Where is the best place to find other people playing Torchbearer online? I plan on running this for my regular group, but would like to hopefully play a few times myself first…

I saw few offers come up in Torchbearer G+ community.

I have played a little on, which is a site which helps gamers find games, and GMs find players. They have a web app which can be embedded within G+ Hangouts, which can be really handy.

If you search for Torchbearer games on Roll20, you’ll have to look for Torchbearer under the keyword search, as they do not yet list Torchbearer in their list of “Playing any of these games”. I contacted them about this, and got a response back that they only add games to that list which seem to have a lot of interest. So, I would recommend if we as a community want to make Torchbearer online play more accessible, we do something to make the Roll20 guys realize that this game exists, and people want to play it.

I was able to get players almost immediately when I posted a Torchbearer game under the Looking for Players forum on Roll20.