Finding players? (glasgow scotland)

Hey there! Been trying to get a game of this running with my friends but getting people to get together with any sort of regularity or commitment is proving more difficult than I imagined. Just wondering if there was some sort of online resource that exists to track down people who want to play a specific game in a specific geographic area?

Or anyone who knows of a game running in Glasgow that would accept new players or people wanting someone to run a game!


You can try it works with google maps to show gamers in your area, you can even apply tags to your profile so that you can specify what game you’re looking for. I have to say, I personally haven’t had much luck with it, but there’s not that many people listed near me.

There’s also the Burning Blighty social group here on the BWHQ forum where I’m trying to get all the UK contingent together to make finding players/GMs easier.