Fire Beetle

My first stab at the Fire Beetle for my Dyson’s Delve conversion, please feel free to comment.

Giant Fire Beetle

Might: 1
Nature: 2
Nature Descriptors: illuminating, detritus feeding, scuttling

Conflict Dispositions

Kill 4
Attack: +1D, Bite
Defend: +1D, Carapace

Drive Off 3
Manoeuvre: +1D, Click jump

Flee 2
Manoeuvre: +1D, Click jump

Capture 5
Attack: +1D, Bite
Defend: +1D, Carapace
Feint: +1D, Pulsing luminescence

Instinct: Scavenge for food

These subterranean, nocturnal beetles are about 2’ long. The fire beetle is so named for its luminescent glands. These glands produce light as for a candle. Two of these glands are on the head, and one is on the abdomen. If removed from the corpse of the beetle they will continue to illuminate as a candle for 1d6/2 (round up) adventure phases.

A spine on the underside of the beetle can be snapped, producing a violent “click” which bounces the beetle into the air.

The glands can be harvested by passing an obstacle 2 Hunter test for a single gland, for each gland over this add a factor of one. If attempting to harvest multiple glands, on a failure the GM might allow some glands to have been harvested along with an appropriate twist or condition.

Alternatively the head might be severed (as a free test) to allow harvesting in a safer environment. The head takes up pack 2 spaces and only has 2 glands. Harvested glands take pack 1 space for 4 glands.

Captured beetles have a cost of Ob 4 and hence can be sold for 1D of cash in town.