firefight - last combatant out, what happens?

When the last character on either side is incapacitated, the firefight ends (p.464 step 10). But what happens in terms of the objectives & compromise? Keep in mind the dispositions might be at max on both sides, or even stranger, the team that was knocked out might have a higher disposition than the “winner”.

Here’s some actual-play context. In our last session there was a Close Quarters Mini-Firefight. The Kerrn PC attacked a Vaylen officer in his prison cell, hoping to get the vaylen to give up the name of the hooded torturer* who had taken his eye out a few days earlier.

In the first action of the first volley, the Kerrn succeeded at a Close Combat, so they went to individual actions: Hand-to-hand for the Kerrn, Overbear for the Vaylen. In a crazy turn of events the Kerrn only got 1 success, while the Vaylen got 4.

Since the Kerrn’s Speed was only 3, this meant that the Vaylen had him “pinned and captured” as per p.496. So after some discussion we ruled that the fight was over, and since both sides were at similar dispos (3/4 vs 5/6) I think we decided it was like a Tied At Zero result.

But we weren’t sure if that kind of cheated the Vaylen/GM, since he had “won” the fight.

  • Of course the Kerrn’s player knows that my PC was the torturer in question, but that’s another story.

Technically, getting incapped or killed is a loss condition. The loser gets a compromise based on any dispo he knocked off.

I know that’s not clear. I’m sorry!

Ah, so the incapacitated Kerrn lost, we should’ve treated it as if his dispo reached 0. The Vaylen was still at 3/4, so he should’ve won with a minor compromise.

Thanks, that makes sense! And it seems clear in retrospect. I think the problem was that everyone was so stunned at what had happened, it was such a huge reversal from what we expected, that we were reluctant to give the vaylen the win.

Understandable, but that’s why this is a game – those unexpected results are what we play for!

Oh, I agree completely. I love that in FF (especially mini-FF) you’re never “safe” even if your dispo is still high.

We’ll do better next time!