Fires Over Omac

Omac is up and I started a downloads category for Burning Empires so as to keep things organized.

This is terrible, as I am now tempted to read it before Mace (where I might be playing in it).

Omac is retired. You can read it at your leisure. The current BE con game is Surrounded by Wolves.

Cheers for this Luke. I am about to run my second session of my current game but this will be a nice way to introduce others to the game without the same level of buy in.

Thanks Luke,

I’ve been patiently and quietly waiting for this. I’ve yet to play. I’ve given the book a good read once, but I don’t really learn games well that way. I notice that unlike some of the Burning Wheel modules there is no starting situation to set stuff off. Is that mainly due to my present inability to follow the charts, or am I correct in my assumption? Do you have any tips to help with the running of the destruction of Omac?

Hi Clyde!

There should be a paragraph at the end of the write up that suggests some starting scenarios for the GM (in the OMAC INFECTION document).


Doh! Yep, it’s right there. My thanks.

Hi Luke!

We tried playing Fires over OMAC, last friday at a FLGS in Lisbon and it was a ride! We didn’t finished it but people got enthusiastic enough to try it out again and maybe start a full out World Building even if we are all weary of not having enough experience with BE mechanics under our belt…

But now you’re saying there is another demo scenario with an even cooler name?! Will you upload it to the wiki someday? Hope so.

Yes, as promised, we are at the beginning stage of Burning Lisbon.

This time, with 3 BE book owners and two others roleplayers, one of them a first-time roleplayer (and furthermore, with a guest appearance her non-gamer girlfriend, as the smuggler’s pilot), we did circa two scenes per player, used the skills, FoRKs, helping dice, resources and the brutal circles mechanics. Next time we will do a Firefight or DoW.

Soon we will start with BW demo “the sword”. We will keep you posted on this and future developments…

Thanks, JB!