FireStarter - A (very much in progress) webapp for some Rim Systems

So I’m a software developer who has recently been having a really fun time running Burning Wheel. Probably too much fun. But being new to the game, and overly animated at the table, I have some trouble flipping through the book, and scanning through tables. Especially in the heated moments of a Fight or Duel of Wits.

So (being a bit inspired by Charred) I’ve put together a quick webapp to make some of that process easier for me.

Which can be found at:

(I’m currently using the ‘free hosting’ on heroku, so some patience with the site might be required.)

Currently I made a quick pass over Fight!, and Duel of Wits. Though I’m currently trying to figure out a way I can represent Range and Cover (since my group might soon be involved in a ranged conflict).

But I am really curious if anyone else finds this even remotely useful. Right now it’s mainly intended for personal use, but if others find this kind of thing helpful, I’m not opposed to spending more time fleshing it out.

I also certainly don’t want to infringe on any intellectual property rights, so if anyone from BurningHQ legal wants me to take this down I will oblige in short order. It’s one of the reasons why currently I’ve only presented information that is included in the free PDFs available (Though if given the chance, I would love to build a quick ‘Garbled Transmission’ tool).

Anyway, long time lurker, just thought I’d share something and see if I can’t get some feedback. :slight_smile:

Question: Are there systems or things that people would like to see added to a webapp?

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This looks pretty neat. For me, I think the number one improvement would be helpers for positioning tests, advantages, disadvantages and stance.

Fight! is clunky for those of us who don’t have it memorized. A tool that walked you through it might become indispensable to us.

Thanks for checking it out!

I am back from vacation and will hopefully have more time to flesh this out.

Right now I’m envisioning a little animation and form change that takes people through the different stages of a fight.
Often my players find themselves conveniently fighting opponents with weapons the same length as them (so I don’t have to remember to Vie for Position).

What I have in mind as the purpose of the app, is something for the GM to plug the players info into, and generate him a script to read from when calling out dice rolls etc.
Now that I think about it I might want to recreate the form with all 3 volleys, and have inputs where you can put in player names, so when you’re finished filling out an exchange it will actually generate a script on the bottom. Something like:
“Versus Test: Red tests Weapon Skill ( + 1 Advantage), Blue tests Speed ( - 2 Disadvantage)”

I’ll have to add ways to track disadvantages due to injury and whatnot (increasing the Ob and reducing dice), but that might help a lot overall.

Let me know if there’s something else I’m forgetting. I’ll let people know once 2.0 is finished.

This is a super idea, I would use it. One thing I noticed missing is block and strike and withdraw on Fight!