First character burning - how does he look?

Below is my first character burned for BE. I was hoping someone could look him over and tell me if I’m grokking it or not. Thanks!

Lord-Pilot Victor Hollings-Smythe (Human, 36 yrs old, Gonzagin Empire)

[i]The Hollings-Smythe are an old noble family who have ruled the planet Meier’s Folly for generations. However, the emperor recently granted the Corrse family dominion over Meier’s Folly. The Hollings-Smythes went rogue, building a small but well-equipment rebellion to oppose the Corrse government. Victor Hollings-Smythe, an Anvil commander, felt his first loyalty was to the emperor and left the rebellion after a few months. The new Forged Lord made Victor Hollings-Smythe a Lord-Pilot as a reward despite the advice of his counselors. Victor persuaded a lot of former soldiers to leave the rebellion with him, and the Forged Lord created a new regiment–the Loyalists–comprised of Victor and his kin. The Loyalists are given the worst assignments as most lord-pilots don’t trust them.

Despite hatred from his family for abandoning the cause, Victor remains in contact with the rebellion’s leader, his mother and matriarch of the Hollings-Smythes. He believes he can bring the family back into loyalty and respect. Given how hostile most aristocrats are to his family, he often resorts to blackmail, intimidation, and outright threats to force others into supporting hif family. So far, he has made some allies but nowhere near enough. Regardless, he has to convince his family to give up their guerrilla campaign or they will never be welcomed back.[/i]

LIFEPATHS: Born to Rule, Coeptir, Armiger, X-O, Insurrectionist, Lord-Pilot Anvil

BELIEFS: I will bring my family back into a respected, powerful position in the empire
The more power I have, the more control I have. That is the best way to achieve happiness.
All of those who question my loyalty and mock my family name shall suffer

INSTINCTS: Always retreat when ambushed or surprised–we need time to assess the situation before acting
Never trust the motivations of the Lords–they all have their own agenda
My encrypted radio is always well hidden within my current Command Post

STATS: Perception 3 / Will 4 / Agility 3 / Forte 7 / Power 5 / Speed 2
Steel: 7 / Hesitation 6

ARTHA: Fate 3 / Persona 2

Technology: Iron Armor, Regulations Insert (digital device that plugs into the crucis granting encyclopedic knowledge of all anvil regulations), Encrypted Radio (small, portable, low range but allows contact with his rebel mother)

Affiliations: Planetary nobility 1D, the Loyalist Regiment 2D
Reputations: Betrayed the Rebel Cause 1D, Betrayed the Emperor 1D
Relationships: (FoN) Forged Lord Archibald Corrse, (other side) Mary Hollings-Smythe

Character: Austere, Rebel
Die: Anvil-Trained, Blacklisted, Corvus & Crucis, Iron Trained, Mark of Privilege
Call-On: Scut Work

Administration 2 / Assault Weapons 1 / Close Combat 1 / Etiquette 2 / Extortion 5 / Intimidation 3 / Persuasion 4 / Propaganda 2 / Rebel-Wise 1 / Regime-Wise 1 / Regulations-Wise 3 / Support Weapons 1 / Tactics 4

Max stats for humans in BE is 6, isn’t it?

Good catch. Will edit ASAP. Thanks!

I think you should have 8 Mental points, too, as Insurrectionist is +1 M. Put it in Per and boost all your wises by a point.

Is Forged Lord Archibald Corrse a Human FoN or one for the Vaylen side? You don’t need to take relationships with other PCs.

I’d just like to note that this guy has roughly the body coordination of a crippled old man with back problems. Small children will beat him in a footrace. I know that high forte and power look tasty, but seriously, you’re close to being a victim of the heckler trait.

Other than that, he looks nice :slight_smile:

Did you decide not to take Command on purpose? Otherwise, you should open the skill for sure. And while we’re talking Firefight, you don’t have a skill that can be used for the Observe maneuver either. Not critical, if you’re feeling good about how that fits your concept then stick with it.

None of your beliefs has an action item, though. That’s a little more serious. They’re good starting places, but at your first session, after you pick maneuvers, change one of them to something you want to do that session.