First MG session - need some simple conflict ideas

I’m starting an MG campaign tonight (three players + GM). We plan to create characters, shoot the shit, and run a couple sample conflicts to get the hang of it.

This is everyone’s first MG game, although most of us have played a fair amount of Burning Wheel.

Are there any ready-to-run short scenarios anyone can point me to? Fight with a weasel patrol, something like that. Or any recommendations on conflict types to focus on?


Hi Brian,

What about the scenarios in the book doesn’t suit your needs? I’ve used “Find the Grain Peddler” as a starting point for longer campaigns.

I was looking for something even simpler. Not a scenario, per se. More like a couple conflicts to drop the players into - like “Okay, here’s a badger, you gotta fight it” or “Okay, argue with this guy over the barge”.

I guess, now that I write it out, I don’t actually NEED anything more than NPC stats from the book.

My all-time favorite conflict was in my group’s very first Mouse Guard session, way back in playtest. The mission was to deliver the winter mail from Lockhaven to another settlement, so I had the characters engage in a journey conflict against the spring weather. The weather’s goal was to ruin the mail. Descriptions accompanying the actions included things like paths washing out, scrambling for high ground, ice-covered falling tree limbs, and big-pawed mice pushing carts through mud. If you wanted to show off to your group, “This is how we play out robust, non-traditional conflicts in Mouse Guard,” I’d use something like that.

But, yeah, most of what you need as far as statted-up opposition is laid out clearly in the book.

At the risk of being pedantic, I’ll add that, without proper conflict goals, you all run the risk of these sample conflicts turning out flat, both for determining outcome/compromises and for coloring the description. It might not make for the best sell if you’re trying to get the other players excited about the game.

But, probably you all have played enough Burning Wheel that you know what you’re doing here.

Character generation took the whole night, as it happened. But you’re probably right that conflicts with no goals wouldn’t have been much fun.

It happens. Be sure to post about your first mission.