First Mission- Does this look about right?

EDIT: Underlined portion added per Praion’s catch.

SPRING: 1147- Fallow Fields

GM Turn:
Clear and Warm, though some think it will be a stormy summer.

In Ivydale the farmer Aelith and her family are experiencing difficulties getting the land ready for the seasons planting. All of the mice she has hired this year have disappeared and a predator is implicated. No sane mouse is going to sign on to help plant and harvest until the fields are safe.

The latest victim went missing this very morning.

Her crops are planted near her farm, outside of Ivydale proper. She supplies a good bit of the year’s wheat. If her woes continue it will be an even leaner Winter.

Aelith is eager to offer advise, if short on information useful to the players. Blood and bits of fur have been found in the fields where the mice have gone missing, but it cannot be a big predator; someone would have seen or heard something.

Find and save Joffry!
Complex Obstacle-Wilderness
Ob 4 Scout to find Joffry. Failure will lead to the scout becoming Injured as they fall haplessly into the hole Joffry retreated to after he was wounded.

Ob 4 Heal Joffry has been badly wounded. If he is Healed he will regain consciousness and inform the Guard that weasels are the culprits. Failure results in Joffry screaming in pain, giving the patrol away to the weasels seeking their escaped prey. See Weasels! below.

Ob 3 Survivalist The patrol needs to make a gurney and get the wounded field mouse to safety. Failure results in the party being overtaken by the Weasels, unless they have already survived Weasels!, in which case they will be Tired from the brutal exertion.

Ob 5 Fight The patrol must fight for their lives against a few weasel interlopers. The
Weasels are fighting with the goal of ‘Stop the Patrol from Reaching Ivydale.’

Rally the Ivydale Guard!
Versus Obstacle-Mice
Ob 3 Persuader Gavin, the on duty Town Guard officer does not want to believe
that weasels are near his town. He will need to be convinced. Failure will result
in the Persuader becoming Angry. Did they grab evidence?

Player Turn Begins with the mice in Ivydale, possibly Injured and Angry, with an alarmed populace and town guards scurrying about.

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What if the patrol fails the Healer test and then the weasel twist happens - they win and they then fail the survivalist roll?

Rally the Ividayle Guard could also be a Militarist test, just saying…

Valid point, and one I had not considered. I suppose a condition would be applicable there what with a twist already being used. Thanks!