First Time RPGer with a dilemma...

Hey everyone.

I would first like to say thank you to Luke for being genius enough to create such a wonderful game. This is the first RPG I’ve ever played(and likely ever will), but I can tell from reading on here that it suits me better than any other. I’m all about story, character development, and surprise.I like to see the heroes fail at life a little bit and try to figure out what they stand for. I would also like to thank Luke for putting together a beautiful book and delightful read. I’d read it trough two or three more times if I had the time, but(I apologize if this bursts your bubble) life isn’t all about RPGs. I’m sure I’ll read through it t least once more from beginning to end, or maybe just random sections every once in a while.

Secondly, thank you to you posters out there who feep people informed, give them advice, ect. I’m enjoying my read through all the forums, and am looking forward to joining in the descution whenever I have time.

I started out as GM, not as a player. There were a lot of things I didn’t understand when I started reading and a lot of rules or lack of rules that seemed un thought out. Then, when I started playing, it started making sense and that everything in the rules was there for a purpose. I began to realize the true genius of it all. So I’m sold, I’ve become an avid reader of the forum and I enjoy skimming through the book, reviewing the precious rules. Sure, I have a few special house rules and such, but I still follow the rules faithfully trusting them to eventually show me why they are the way they are.

I have a few problems though, mainly, my players. I have two first time RPGers as players. My little brother and sister. My brother loves it. He gets a little bored and cranky from time to time, but his mouse(Laird, a brave, rash little overweight mouse) and some of my GM characters have had some rad adventures.
My sister on the other hand, just sits there with a careless, “when will this be over” look on her face. She gets mad if I try to explain any rule to her, and then mad again later, claiming I failed to tell her important rules in advance. She doesn’t care about her character. Every bit of role playing is forced out of her. She was better when we started and actually participated, but I think I soured her by trying to give her more rules and lecturing her about trying to do more with her character. She questions me and has actually asked me to stop talking because she’s tired of hearing my voice.
We’ve been playing since early 2009, and I haven’t been mean or anything, I just want them to try to step it up a notch and learn the rules so I don’t have to walk them through everything. And I wanted her to take some interest in her character.
I had another friend playing before who was a long time RPGer. He just made fun of me and questioned every rule in the book and refused to follow some of them and was just a pain so we kinda weeded him out.

Really, I am so sorry for writing all that. I must be a pain to read it all. lol
I really think I just needed to vent.
My main question was: how do you deal with difficult players. I know sometimes you just have to let them go or kick them out, but me and my little brother don’t want to play alone. I’m thinking I’ll just have to do a one man patrol with my little brother every once in a while, and do the rest of my gaming online with the community here. If anyone is looking for another player, please get in touch with me. I’ve never played as a player before and I’d love to put what I’ve learned into practice with people who know the rules. My real passion is GMing, though, I’m not extremely good at it.

Anyway, sorry for the long post. Thanks again everyone. Let me know any experiences you’ve had with difficult players. Looking forward to joining the community here.

Ask your sister flat out if she wants to play, and if so, play MG. As opposed to playing simply because you asked with ‘color of authority’…

If she says no, don’t push her, and let her know it’s perfectly fine to not play.

If she says yes, then explain your rules issues with her.

Any player who is actively disrupting a particular game isn’t worth playing with. Seriously.

Yeah, I know. She’s not that much younger than me so I’m not bossing her around. It was just getting me annoyed when I wrote that. She’ll act like she wants to play sometimes and ask me when we’re playing, but will complain when we start. I just don’t think she’s cut out to be an RPGer. It’s just frustrating because I’ll have so much fun reading the rules and preparing/planning for the missions and then, when we sit down to play, it won’t turn out all that fun. Sure, we’ve had some great stories and great times, but if I tell her anything to do or try to encourage her or hesitate for a minute or two to review the rules, she just gets annoyed and has a very teenager attitude. Oh well, I’ll just have to do one player missions. It’s disappointing but will prolly be more fun than forcing her to participate. I would just love to be a player and not have to worry about everyone else. Basically, I’ve had a pretty bad first experience with RPG due to people not wanting to cooperate. But I still want to give it a chance.

In talking to your sister, if she is interested in playing, I’d ask her what it is that she doesn’t like about the game or what it is that she’d like to do differently.

If she’s asking you to play, even if she gets fed up shortly thereafter, there’s got to be something that she likes about it. Maybe you can find the happy medium between the way you’re running the game and the game she’d like to play?