five players and one GM?

I read that five players and one GM is not the best mix for Torchbearer (even though the kickstarter video has five players and one GM!). Is it a big deal or a small deal to have five players instead of four? Anyone know what kind of impact might it have?


I ran a game for five players and killed them all so it’s not a case of being “too much help.” But for speed/ease of play and to make sure everyone gets to shine in a four hour game, four players is ideal.

I think that Mouse Guard is the game where you really don’t want five players, because it scales poorly.

It plays just fine with five players. Four is ideal but five is not bad.

Thanks for all the replies. Helpful info.

MG plays fine with even 6 players… but the MG mission structure is vest with 3 or 4, so everyone can earn checks on a planned/semi-planned encounter. Adding extra GM turn encounters lengthens the MG session, and allows larger groups to work well.

For MG to have the 2 to 2.5 hour advertised sessions, it really needs 3-4 playrrs, 2 planned encounters and two twist encounters, only one conflict, and being literal about the check awards. Oh, and players who are neither laconic nor verbose. …