Flak maneuver: lawsuit?

Hi all,
Just trying to think of possible things to throw at my player here. My Infiltration phase Vaylen FoN is a high-powered CEO. The player’s is the head of an independent mining guild (a faction added in the World Burner) and also runs an “independent” (read: pirate) broadcasting station where she hosts a Bill O’reilly type of shout show. How would I file a defamation lawsuit against her for some stuff she’s put out about me?

I can see it going one of two ways: 1) a straight versus task with my legal stuff versus hers, or 2) the same thing ending with a Duel of Wits depicting the court battle.

With #2 I could see setting the stakes of the DoW being a fine of some sort (damages or a fine for filing a frivilous suit) but what about #1? Can you negotiate an outcome like that from a straight versus task? Of course #2 seems like the most fun and dramatic way to go with it anyway. Also, it seems to me that #2 would be the perfect in-scene representation of a Flak Maneuver. What do you guys think?

Edit: Oh. Also. The penalty. If there is an obX fine result from this, how would the victorious party be “paid”? Should they be? Maybe it gets handled like a fund or something? I’ll read that part again but would appreciate any suggestions.

If you can manage to slam them with a lawsuit so they have to test unskilled Law against you, you are a BE MASTER.

I predict that lawyer will be assassinated in short order.

LOL. They could hire a lawyer, though, right? Also, I should mention: my FoN’s estranged son is the player’s FoN’s 2iC at the independent mining guild. He’s a lawyer, a Southern Poverty Law Center type who has fled the life of capitalism to help the common man. One of my FoN’s beliefs is about winning him back to her side (though that’s not so very likely to happen) so she might even sue just to get a chance to see him in court.

They could, but a court case doesn’t have to be one test. You could nail them with a subpoena to start and force them to roll to be able to secure their records…

Sounds like a Duel of Wits to me, really…