Flak vs. Gambit

Re-reading infection rules but I want to be sure.

I scripted Flak with the plan to split by dice pool evenly on offence and defense. The players scripted Gambit.

I know that Gambit tests independent of Flak (the defense dice are not rolled) but does Flak still get to roll it’s offense dice or does it not test at all?


The intent is that Flak is bypassed completely. So no “defense” in this case means no roll.

It’s the same mechanic as Rebuttal in that Flak is not tested (either Attack or Defense) against independent actions.

Note that Flak says that it is not tested at all against Gambit (this is the same as Rebuttal) but that you are allowed to roll the pre-allocated Attack dice when going against Conserve. All-in-all however, as long as you keep the intent behind the actions in mind you should be ok in understanding how the maneuvers interact.