Flee conflict weapons

While designing my latest adventure, I realized that it was very likely the adventurers will be chased through the ruined streets of a lost city by a big nasty monster. I’m not quite sure the Weapons section has the weapons I have in mind for this, so I came up with my own, then realized they might well apply to other Flee conflicts as well.

Weapon Effect
Hiding places (chambers, nooks and crannies, alcoves, ruined buildings) +2D to Defend
Winding, twisting alleys and corridors (or similar) +1D to Maneuver
Splitting up +1s to Attack, special: characters who Help on this action can’t Help each other until next exchange
A good head start Special: +1D to disposition

I’m not sure if splitting up should prevent Help until next exchange (which encourages characters to script it on the last action of the volley) or for a set number of actions, 1 or 2 probably. I like the idea that you’re incentivized to script it on your last action, since it offers a bonus in exchange for predictability your opponents can exploit in scripting. I dunno.



What about letting splitting up provide a variable bonus based on how many exchanges they choose to forgo being able to help one another again? With the caveat that if the conflict ends before then you’ve Split The Party, with all that entails.

I think this is more of a good compromise idea.