Flight into Darkness (AP)

Our brave adventurers finally got into the dungeon of the Moathouse, thought not exactly how they expected to. Here is the AP report. http://www.seannittner.com/actual-play-flight-into-darkness/

As usual, I was very happy with the game but still left with some questions.

Okay to give advantage dice for good ideas, making clever use of tools, etc? I know the clever idea rule (from the misdirected mark interview) but in hedge cases where an idea isn’t a sure fire success, but should aid, I went with a +1d advantage. Kosher?

Is scrounging for supplies (torches, rations, etc) during the adventuring phase okay? It seems to go against the grain of the phase system, but so long as I can still add twists and conditions for failures, it’s not like I was making it easy on them.

I’d love to know how the conflict system works with stones, and individual dispositions. After the game I listened to the Team Covenant interview Luke and Thor and it sounds like the idea for dividing disposition between the players and then having them get knocked out of the conflict is pretty awesome, but I’d like to know more before I implement it.

Inter-party conflicts during the adventuring phase? I ruled that the majority ruled (hearing the Team Covenant interview, it should have been the Leader made the call) and that the affronted party member would have to take it up as an action (or possibly just a discussion) during the camp phase.

For what it’s worth, I totally agree with you about having to spend a check in camp or town to initiate a conflict with another PC. There’s no time for arguing in the dungeon!

I also suspect, from a couple of things I’ve picked up in Luke and Thor’s interviews and the Kickstarter video, that there’s probably supposed to be a formal party leader role, which could mean that it’s okay to try to convince her/him to take a course of action, but the decision ultimately rests in that player’s hands.

  1. Most gear is pretty explicit about what it aids. For instance, a cloak grants you +1D to Survivalist or Health tests related to staying warm or keeping dry. A grappling hook grants you +1D to Dungeoneer tests that involve climbing. In many cases, gear doesn’t provide a benefit; rather it allows you to make a test or to ignore certain factors. For instance, dealing with nobility without wearing finery is a factor, while if you don’t have a stake and mallet in your inventory, you can’t even try to stake a vampire. Especially clever use of tools may fall under the Good Idea rule and thus wouldn’t require a test (or a turn).

  2. Yes. You can scrounge for supplies and perform other expeditionary tasks during the Adventure Phase. This tends to be self-correcting, as such scrounging takes turns and thus has a tendency to eat up resources. More sedentary activities like mending armor and whatnot should take place in camp.

  3. We’ll have the PDF for you very soon!

  4. Yes. But it takes a turn in the adventure phase or a check in the camp phase! And since there are players on both sides, the result is always a twist.

Thanks Thor, that all sounds great. But now that you’ve opened that can of worms, I can’t wait to see the gear list :slight_smile: