Flussgeschichten: Campaign done!

So, our above campaign has now come to a satisfying conclusion, after about 135 sessions (see previous notes here).

My thanks to @DaveHiggins , Rob, Alex and Sean, and to their characters:

Kai von Ravenstein
(Born Noble, (Peasant) Peddlar, (Village) Barber, (Outcast) Desperate Killer)
Who began as a desperate killer seeking his brother (and their father’s heir), and will, in the aftermath of our campaign, go on to claim lands in Sylvania, a god-touched Priest of Ranald, friend to the downtrodden… and rich merchant-prince.

Dieter Fuchs
(City Born, Criminal, Student, (Noble Court) Court Doctor)
Who began fleeing his powerful noble enemy in the courts of Altdorf, and who, at the end of the campaign, convinced the Emperor to sanction a shadow-war against the vampire lords of Sylvania. An Investigator of Verena, Scourge of Skaven… and rich merchant-(prince).

Benno Bachlein
(Born Village, Village Clerk, (Soldier) Sailor, (Outcast) Smuggler)
Who began as a love-struck smuggler (who impersonated a poet to his noble lady love), pursued by his river-warden brother, and who, countless twists, turns and fake/mistaken identities later, pushed his true love away to keep her safe, became an Agent of the Shroud of Morr, a relentless pursuer of those evil people who share his face, donning “just one more fake identity” to hunt vampires… and rich merchant-(prince).

(Born Below, The Gauntlet, Fingers, (Exile) Albino)
Who began as the Empire’s first (accidentally) Gifted Halfling, on the run from criminal bullies, witch hunters and The Law, and who, through con-artistry became the “apostle” to the Skaven (Roden), before becoming their actual Apostle, and leading his (Skaven) people into the light of the Empire. A Magister, a leader, a bridge between worlds… and a merchant-(prince).

What started with a desperate dash north out of Altdorf on Kai von Ravenstein’s barge, ended in the court of the Emperor (in 2 back-to-back Duel of Wits), and then, taken by the ghost of Kai’s father to a dark cellar, to a Fight! with 2 vampires to free the court… and begin their shadow war.

Quite the campaign!

May Kai von Ravenstein seize lands and improve the lives of those within them.

May Dieter Fuchs find satisfaction in the Shadow War he launched.

May Benno Bachlein scourge from the Empire all those enemies who have his face.

May Sluice the Apostle protect his people, and build for them a place within this complicated Empire.

Having taken as my (vague) inspiration the old “The Enemy Within” campaign, we managed to hit many of the highlights / lowlights I wanted them to see/experience, from cultists and mistaken identities, to Skaven and tough moral choice.

We had reversals of fortunes, so many (PC) fake identities I had to keep checking which NPCs knew who under what guise, stymied invasions, thwarted love, the “relaunch” of a religion, and fundamental changes to the setting, all driven by the PCs.

I couldn’t be happier.


This is a fuckin’ banger! Thanks, Mark.

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No worries, @Gnosego!

It’s always wonderful to reach a satisfying end to a campaign.

I’d also like to note that, in our 3 1/2 hour final session (complete with Artha awards!), we managed to fit in 2 excellent Duels of Wits, and a Fight!, which was a record for us.

Kudos to @DaveHiggins for performing a “steal away their protection” miracle on the vampires, thus removing all of their magical / spiritual protections, which would have made that fight treacherous as all get-out.

When I get a chance, I might also have a look through Traits, and see what favourites I’ve got!

In the meantime, below are the 2 Duel of Wits, and the Statements of Purpose for that final session.

Dieter’s Statement of Purpose

  1. Shadow War
  2. Kai to seize lands (Right of Conquest)
  3. Permission to kill 2 noble vampires


Seneschal’s Statement of Purpose

  1. Open war against Sylvania
  2. Slow & steady military campaign (plenty of warning, scorched earth-style)
  3. Proper court case for the vampires

Sluice’s Statement of Purpose

  1. Path to citizenship for Skaven
  2. Acknowledge that Halflings can be Gifted, and should be trained in Colleges
  3. Accept the Horned Rat as an aspect of the Pantheon


Emperor’s Statement of Purpose

  1. Skaven are indentured for 100 years.
  2. Destruction of all of their Heretical Priests
  3. Campaign against the Evil Skaven, who do not accept the Empire

In hindsight, for that first DoW, the Statements of Purpose are not quite as orthogonal as they should have been. However, Rob (with the others’ support) played a blinder, and completely outscripted me / the Seneschal, knocking me out in one with a gorgeous Feint vs. Rebuttal:

Dieter Fuchs: 1. Feint, 2. Dismiss, 3. Obfuscate
Seneschal:1. Rebuttal 2. Point 3. Avoid

I do love making sure to script as per how the NPC is acting!

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It’s right up there with finding the compromise in speaking the parts!

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Most characterful / fun Traits:

Benno Bachlein:
Complicated Love Love (Char), Poet of Many Names (DT)

Shadowmancer (DT), Monster Harvester (DT), Fated Apostle (DT)

Kai von Ravenstein:
Bargewise & Ravenstein Fashion (DT), Supportive (DT), On Ranald’s Path (DT)

Dieter Fuchs:
Skaven Scourge (DT), Verenan Investigator (C-O), Speaking Truth to Power (DT)

I’d also like to nominate Sluice for accidentally granting the whole party (bar himself) permanent Second Sight in Session 2 through a spell miscasting.

He himself, desperate for said ability, did not get it until sessions (and sessions!) later, having first created an Enchantment using the Second Sight from his friends, and then (finally) having it voted on as a Trait, given the amount of use he made of the glass of Second Sight (a long time after that!).

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A truly epic campaign.

Taking a barge as the equivalent of a smallholding asset when burning Kai turned out to be immense: I loved that barge—but not as much as he did.

You haven’t mentioned that it wasn’t just Benno who had a complicated love life: everyone in the group had a forbidden lover.


The barge was brilliant as a (moveable) base of operations, and means of transport/trade. It led to a lot of fun stuff and customisation.

Yes, all the PC’s had Forbidden love interests, but only Benno did such a sterling job of setting fire to the entire endeavour.

Indeed: his Forbidden Love game was so strong it ate half my romance plot.

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