Flying (and Swimming) Monsters and Fight (or Range and Cover)

So I’m gearing up to run a new campaign, and it’s going to be very Fighty. The PCs are Monster Hunters (2 Orcs, 2 Elves if you can believe it) in a frontier Jungle similar to the Amazon, forced to work together to fend of the monsters.

I imagine there will be a lot of tests around surviving the jungle dangers themselves, but Orcs and Elves are hardy stocks and I know how to handle that stuff pretty well.

One thing I’ve never played with in Burning Wheel are creatures that swim or fly. The PCs are primarily going to be on a boat Heart of Darkness-style.

I was wondering how people deal with

  1. burning up said monsters
    a. what skills besides savage attack? (i noticed a swim and aerial combat skill in the monsters in the MoBu)
    b. what are considered good and bad ‘strides’ of flight and swimming?
  2. fighting with such baddies as flying apes, river wyrms, ophidia, etc.
    a. is it best done like lance-wielding knights in Range and Cover where they have to charge to hit and then withdraw to reset?
    b. should it be a fight with the stride advantage only coming up in positioning advantage?
    c. should PCs get an extra obstacle to hit flying enemies or swimming enemies because they are stuck on land (or on a boat)? and/or
    d. should PCs get advantage dice on the Boat to hit river wyrms similar to the Weight of Calvarly/Curved Blade/Good to Be King rules on p. 535?
    e. should flying Monsters get attack advantage dice similar to the Weight of Calvarly/Curved Blade/Good to Be King rules?

i have plenty of my own ideas, but i figured it’d be good to take advantage of our robust online community and see what other people have done with mixed combat styles like this as well. my group is very experienced with BW, and keen on the Fight! and RnC mechanics, so we all kind of want to push the envelope with some badass PCs and truly monstrous Monsters of the week.

Stealth/Camouflage seem like they’d come in handy for a monster. Hunting, too. Jungle-wise, River-wise and Prey-wise would also be pretty useful. See page 54 of the Monster Burner for more suggestions for monster skills.

The MoBu also gives speed multipliers for wings on page 344. I’ve heard on the forums that a good rule of thumb is to double the speed multiplier when converting to stride, but I have no experience with how this works in play