Flying Iron

Do Iron typically have atmospheric speed ratings in Iron Empires cannon? I’ve never read the graphic novels but several pictures depict characters wearing Iron flying while curled up in a ball/fetal position.

If this is already covered in the rules of Iron I must apologize because I missed it.

Hi Agony,

Page 396, Grav Packs!


Oooh thank you. Cool.

Note that the grav packs (both in the comic and in the game) are basically high-tech parachutes for Iron, though: Those guys in the pictures aren’t flying, they’re falling.

If you want something with Iron-like mystique that’s an actual flying craft, you should probably check out the web supplement on the Lords-Pilot Hussar, and the additional wiki material on the Hussars.

Sydney’s never at a loss to glorify his damned Hussars is he? Shameless…

I put out more flags and loudly drink rice wine to proclaim my martial glory.