FoN conflict setup

You set up the FoN to be in conflict w/ each other, but does that mean all six are in conflict w/ each other?

I can see the player’s FoN being in conflict w/ each other, and with the vaylen FoN (of course), but are the Vaylen side FoN in conflict w/ each other as well?

Just thinking that would be some strange intersistials w/ the GM talking to himself.

There are two sides by default to the world – player characters vs GM characters. Any other factions or shades of gray you want to add are up to you.

I, for one, often factionalize and divide my own NPCs because I can’t help myself. On occasion, it can get a bit hinky when a couple of my characters slam into conflict with each other, but I either just simply describe it as a color scene or have one of the players take on the role of the opposing character.

Works either way.

Also, setting yourself up (as the GM) all factionalized and shit and then using maneuvers to pull together can be hot. I had a Conserve maneuver in which the returning Vaylen-suborned Forged Lord first hulled the head of the secret police, then had his new puppet hire him to train the secret police and attached military assets.

I’ve been pondering this myself in prep’ing for an eventual campaign (January? We’ll see), and I realized having GM Figures of Note potentially at odds with each other is a feature, not a bug. So I want to make the player-characters’ lives miserable, but logically speaking one of my Figures of Note would actually be supporting their current actions? That’s easy: The potentially helpful Figure of Note happens to be busy today, but his arch-rival, my other Figure of Note, is gunning for you. Thus I’ve sketched out an idealistic, pacifist Inquisitor and an uncompromising, “no peace without honor” Anvil Lord, with the idea being that I can have one run roughshod over the PCs any time they try to make peace among their planet’s factions and the other put them up on charges whenever they pull out their guns.

Thanks for the replies…all great ideas!