FoNs and Burning

Hello, everyone, this is my first post on the forums. Big fan of Burning Empires and Burning Wheel, and I love a thriving online community. As a side note for any moderators or admins reading this, this is the 2nd account I made. My first account didn’t get a registration email, and instead of being patient and waiting for you guys to get back to me, I just jumped the gun and created a 2nd account. I’m sure stuff will get deleted and it’ll all get sorted out in the end.

So, onto my question!

I’ve got some questions about the Figures of Note, and specifically how they relate to both the world burning and character burning processes.

First, you don’t have to take three Figures of Note for each side, correct? The book seems to indicate that you must have one, but could have up to three.

Second, since one of the Figures of Note must be a PC, what does that do to the development of the character/concept in the next section? In my current game we’ve burned up the world, but didn’t have time to go further. We managed to get three FoNs for each side, but none of them were proposed as PCs, although one was an old discarded PC concept. That’s because we didn’t read the bit about one FoN needing to be a PC before we started working on them. Let me really try to clarify this question. Should the FoNs be generated, and then the PCs decide to play one? Should the FoNs be the proposed concepts provided by the PCs? Should the FoNs be modified after world burning is complete, when a player decides to change tack during character burning in order to make a different concept? Do any of these questions really matter since generating FoNs is so close to the character burning step?

First: Correct.

Second: Discuss the concepts, decide on the FoNs, then the individual players burn them. If the concept changes during character burning, you’ve got to hash that out with the group.