For fans of the comic as well as the game.

I figured you would enjoy all the same my little discovery. If it has been mentioned before I do apologize.

It seems two characters from a galaxy far, far away have bled into the Mouse Guard universe.

[edit]Oh no, no that will not do at all. Seems that I uploaded the full-sized image. Fixed.

The millenium Falcon is also amongst the skulls on this cover:


Hahahaha! That’s awesome! Took me a minute to find it.

Paws Solo!

I’ll have to keep an eye out for more StarWars easter eggs. I never noticed that one, good find Scarecrow.

I only found it because he mentioned tham on his blog somewhere…

I spent a good hour scanning just the front cover figuring it’d be one of the eye sockets or something (I even thought I’d found it at one point, but wasn’t sure). :slight_smile:
It’s fairly obvious when you know where to look!


yeah, wow that is super obvious once you catch it. It stands out big time :stuck_out_tongue: