Forged Lord question

My group met last night to try a firefight, a duel of wits and some character burning in preparation for our upcoming game. It was really helpful and got everyone pumped up.

One question that came up during Character Burning: Can the Forged Lord lifepath be your second lifepath? It seems counter-intuitive, but the requirements seem to allow it, provided you’re Born to Rule (and commit to taking the Your Grace or Your Majesty traits).

If so, what (if any) lifepaths does that unlock? Our player chose the following:

Born to Rule
Forged Lord
Lord-pilot Anvil

It seemed odd that he couldn’t go straight to Lord-Pilot Anvil if he was already a Forged Lord, but we assumed that Forged Lord, in this case, was a “title” and Lord-Pilot Anvil was a “job” that the princeling had to train for.

Any input?


Right, you can be an incompetent or unqualified Forged Lord by inheriting your title. Just jump straight to Forged Lord. If you want to be an actual battle-ready Lord Pilot, you have to go through the page/squire/knight training.


“Who died and made you boss, huh?”
“… oh.”
“Oh. I mean oh, My Lord.”

Sweet! Thanks guys.


Also, order of LP’s doesn’t actually matter (well, there’s some critical path stuff, and if you wanted there’s a lot of graph theory you could dig into, but basically, if it’s not a prerequisite for anything it can go anywhere in the order), so you can think about stuff in a different order if you want.

You’re absolutely right about Lord-Pilot Anvil being a job. The Forged Lord can of course declare himself to be a Lord-Pilot and spend trait points or Resources to get his implants and buy the skills with general points, but if he wants the mechanical benefits of the lifepath he has to do the stuff the lifepath represents.

Makes total sense to me, but when we were in the middle of it, I had this feeling that I was making some huge mistake that was screwing up my guy’s whole effort. Glad to see it was all kosher.

The Forged Lord path has a ton of skill and general skill points, so he was able to buy all sorts of great stuff to tailor his character the way he wanted too (he was shocked how old his guy was at the end of it… Forged Lord having a 12 year span…). We had fun trying to figure out what he was doing for those 12 years before being sent out into the world as a Coeptir.


Wouldn’t it make more sense to go something like Born to Rule -> Coeptir -> Armiger -> Lord Pilot -> Forged Lord? You don’t need to jump straight to Forged Lord just because you qualify.

No, but the fact that you can is awesome 'cuz that means an incompetent child Forged Lord is a legal build.


I think that building an incompetent Forged Lord is intriguing, narratively.

I have been toying with the idea of burning one for several days now. The idea is that he became a Forged Lord at age 9 - but later moved all the way through the lifepath to Lord-Pilot Hammer. However, nobody took him seriously because he inherited his station at age 9, even though he is actually quite competent. He then gets so pissed off at society that he becomes a pirate – kind of a Robin Hood sort.

While the traditional lifepath string makes sense on paper, I think there is a lot you can do with incompetents within the story-telling portion of BE. fun fun.

Oops, I meant he becomes Forged Lord at age 14. He has to be a Coeptir as 2nd life path.