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on page 37 of Golden edition Burning wheel the following sentence is seen.
“Also, just to be clear, stats and attributes may never FoRK.”
Scratches my head…huh? So i know you use stats and skills to fork, so does that mean not forking 2 stats together or stats and attributes together? Reason being you do fork stats into skills.
Just trying to figure it out. Thanks

Only skills benefit from fields of related knowledge.

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okay so on hitting someone, with power and skill, that is an exception, right? otherwise if you want to do this or that, its either a stat roll by itself or skill forks by themselves? thanks

I don’t quite follow your question, but I’ll take a stab at it:
If using my Sword skill to strike at an opponent during a fight, I may not FoRK my Power into the roll. If I describe how I step on my opponent’s toes as I strike, then I might FoRK my Brawling skill into the roll. If the GM agrees, this FoRK would grant me +1D. If I land the blow with three successes, I would do damage equal to my Power exp +3.


If unskilled and swinging that sword at my opponent, I would test my AGILITY at a double obstacle penalty. Since I am rolling Agility, which is not a skill, I am not permitted to add FoRKs into the roll.

Hope that helps.

im quite dull in some regards so let me give you a glimpse in the mind of this one.
in your first example you used power( stat) and brawling and sword (skills) together. Would that not be forking a stat and skill? i know, i know…come on figure it out.
Another example. perception test. player wants to see something, rolls a perception (Stat) with a observation (skill) correct? that would be a skill with a stat which, you cant fork a stat? Just trying to get this figured out, sorry.

While I did mention both a skill and the Power stat in my example, it was in two separate operations—a skill test and calculated damage.

To land a blow with a weapon in a fight requires a skill test. If your character lacks the requisite skill, you must test unskilled with a double obstacle penalty.

If your character is skilled, you may use the Fields of Related Knowledge (FoRK) mechanic to gain additional dice for a test. If your character is unskilled, you may not use the Fields of Related Knowledge mechanic for the test.

Since even mentioning separate, second operations seems to be confusing, I’ll stop there. That’s how FoRKs work!

sorry, realized that fubar on my looking at your fight mechanic.
Cool. So, we have been in the game, when perception test come up, forking skills, into it. So that is wrong, right?
Should only be rolling stat or skills which you can fork, correct?

To test a skill, you roll the number of dice indicated by its rating. The target number for each die is indicated by the color of its rating: black, gray and white—4, 3 or 2 respectively.

Dice that meet or exceed the target number are successes. One needs successes equal to or greater than the obstacle—or greater than one’s opponent’s successes—to pass a test.


Observation is a skill for detecting concealed or hidden people or creatures. It is rooted in Perception. Meaning that when a character gains the Observation skill, the base rating—its root shade and exponent in BW terms—is the same shade as Perception and half of Perception’s exponent rounded down. Once a skill is opened, it not longer has any relation to its root stat.

For example, if my character has a Perception of B4 and is called upon to spot a manticore hunting them, then I would roll my B4 Perception at a double obstacle penalty against the Manticore’s Hunting skill. I may not use FoRKs for this roll.

After making six such tests over time—equal to my Perception aptitude—I would open the Observation skill at B2, half my Perception exponent. Now, when hunted by this wily manticore, I will roll my B2 skill but without out the unskilled double obstacle penalty and with the benefit of FoRKs if they are available.

dang it, mighty felled ancient one, thought i was on a roll and had it figured out.
Okay…that’s alot to chew on, Ill have to figure that out.
Well anyways we have been botching your rules so far, but having a blast. still learning, and hope someday to get it right. LOL…that will be the day!!

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