Forks, Fight! and Blody Versus

1- Is it valid to FoRK the skill corresponding to the enemy’s weapon?

2- When a single character is in a Fight! against a group of enemies, is there any way to handle if they decide to split up and flee?

From our reading of the rules it sounded like if the single character won his positioning test and decided to mantain, then he would single handedly pin the whole group and that sounded weird to us, so we wanted to check if there was something we were missing.

3- In a Bloody Versus where there is again one character against a group of enemies, would each enemy apart from the first grant a help die? Is there any limit to how many enemies may help?

  1. Yes, conditionally. If the player narrates how they use that knowledge to their advantage, they can take the die. If they just scoop up a die for Sword because their enemy happens to be using a sword, the answer is no. Generally speaking, I only let people fork in brawling to their fighting skills when they are on the inside unless they make a really compelling argument.

  2. Most of the time a Withdraw vs. Vie For Position with the Vie winning means that the runners do withdraw but the chaser keeps up with them. Remember that in Fight and R&C while the relative distances between people only change based on winning positioning tests, the combat itself is mobile depending on where the different characters go. If they continue to position as a group, the single person keeps up with the group. If they ungroup and all run in different directions, I’d ask the player which person he’s going to chase. Remember that if they split up, they no longer get the benefit of helping each other in tests. I’d also disallow ungrouped fleeing opponents from coming back into the scene until after the fight was over.

  3. Grouped Bloody Versus works just like any other group tests, so whatever the helping rules say apply here. Remember though, if one combattant fights a group of six six and the single fighter manages to get a Mark hit on the group, all six are taking that Mark as the entire group is subject to the outcome of the test.