I searched this up, but couldn’t thind an answer, so here I am! :smiley:

  1. Can you FoRK multiple skills for a single test?
  2. Can you FoRK in Duel of Wits, Range and Cover and Fight!
  1. Yes.
  2. Yes. Most test-like things in BW are tests, and subject to these - rolling body of argument for the DoW, for example.

But do remember that you can’t FoRK into stat tests, only skill tests. So even if you have Wrestling-wise, a Power test for a Lock still doesn’t get a FoRK.

You can fork into that roll!? Wow, I didn’t realize that. Could you also do so in BWR?

I don’t have the books, but I wouldn’t be surprised. Remember, you could FoRK into rolling your weapon skill in Fight! (back when it had an exclamation mark). It’s all about justification. If you’re arguing with your neighbor about fences, Fences-wise will give you a stronger argument that good fences will, in fact, make you better neighbors.

Looking at it the other way, would you have been surprised to find that rolling body of argument would be affected by wound penalties?

Just make sure your FoRKs are written into your statement of purpose.