Form-fillable Mouse Guard character sheet

I took the the released character sheet and form-fillable-pdfified it. Lemme know if you see any problems with it. Here you go.

No ability to checkmark the trait levels…

Yeah I left the checkmark stuff off for two reasons. One: it’s hard. Two: It’s my understanding that this is something that’ll change frequently during the game, so permanently electronically marking them seemed pointless.

Not exactly… your base level in traits changes once per year.

You can also temporarily elevate traits by spending checks.

My point was that the base level doesn’t change often… the trait column is worth it, tho I’d agree the experience ones probably are not…

Just a quick thanks to Rob for going to the effort and sharing this. :slight_smile:


Glad to. It’s something that’s oddly fun for me to do. I like to listen to a podcast or audiobook and tinker away with this kind of stuff.

Thanks Robert!

I really like your Character Sheets but I seem to miss the font for Name, Age, Home and so on (the red text). Which font is it? The replacement font I get is Arial :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s Caliban Std, the same font used in the filled-out sheets. I thought it was embedded in the file though. That’s disappointing.

I guess I’ll have to find a PDF editor and change the font (Caliban Std seems to be a bit too expensive for my taste).

I’m really sorry. I thought I had mAde the font embedded in the doc.

It’s OK, the PDF is just a little less perfect. Seem like it’s hard to find non-commersial PDF-editors capable of editing fonts. Anyone know any (Linux or Mac OS X)?

I use this app for most of my desktop publishing. Win/Linux/Mac.
If you can’t edit the .pdf, just copy all the text and paste it into your own doc, edit and save as a .pdf again.

  • Clayton

Thanks, been a while since I used Scribus, almost had forgot about it.