Fortified Keep

I’ve taking notes to use the old Outdoor Survival map with Torchbearer and following the instructions in OD&D for placement of settlements (keeps at every catch basin, villages at every lodge). All pretty straight forward, but I noticed that Torchbearer, despite providing settlements for cities, villages, crossroads, elvish settlements, dwarvish settlements, wizards towers, and clerics bastions, does not provide a settlement based around the fortress of a warrior. So I am sharing my version of that with you.

Fortified Keep
A fortress held by a member of the warrior aristocracy for the purpose of defending the lords demesne.

Available Locations
Tavern, Stable, Home

Alignment: Any

Suggested Laws
[li]All boys of 12-18 must train in a particular weapon. Failure to do so punishable by public humiliation.
[/li][li]Arranged marriages enforced. Failure to marry punishable by public humiliation.
Skills: Armorer, Steward, Stonemason
Traits: Bold, Defender

Looks cool! However, note that the Religious Bastion doesn’t give Ritualist, the Wizard’s Tower doesn’t give Arcanist, etc. Giving your fortress Fighter won’t actually help Warriors, who are already maxed out at 4 for Fighter. What it does is make it easier for the other classes to do the thing that Warriors are good at in the beginning. I try not to have towns focus on adventurer skills–if they get one, they usually only get one.

What are some of the other jobs that are required at a castle? Stonemason? Steward? Armorer? Not everyone there grows up to be a soldier, right?

Thank you!!! I was two minds on the skill selection but wasn’t sure which to go with, and what you said makes absolute sense. I wasn’t thinking of the repercussions of other characters. I’ll make a few changes and call it a day.